Pisa 2012 Results and Australian Student Performance

A lot of dialogue today “around the lunch table” today about the article in the Herald Sun – Read it and Weep (page 3 – online article and video) about Maths, Science and Literacy world rankings…  We all seem to have our views on the place and validity/weighting of standardised testing, but the Pisa results are well worth reflecting upon.

See the Pisa 2012 Key Findings Summary

1:1 Kicking Off at JC in 2014 and more user friendly laptop to be phased in. What does this mean for you?

2014 sees the start of I guess what we could call the TC 1:1 program 2.0.

Both year 7 and year 10 students will learn to integrate a full sized lap top with good specifications into their learning program.

The video below from the AALF shares a good overall reflection of the opportunities for learning and the need to change the role of the teacher in the classroom in a 1:1 environment.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How will you evolve your teaching to harness this environment and opportunity?

This development allows a more consistent focus on new approaches and opportunities for learning in your classroom (particularly at the Junior Campus) that you may, or may not have tried and used over the past four years (or beyond).

The single most powerful IT Tool for learning this decade!!! – Seijbel: 2013

There!  I have said it.

I think a shared OneNote notebook with each student in my class is the most empowering ICT tool that I have adopted this decade.  This tool allows me to quickly and efficiently distribute learning activities, digital resources, provide more frequent feedback and enables me to differentiate to suite student needs much more effectively (if not to a new level).  Not to mention, I have all 80 of my students’ notebooks with me all the time – I take them home every day – great for reporting and parent teacher interviews.

The process to set these up is complex and takes a while to learn, but I can not recommend strongly enough to persist through the challenges and get this process working for you.  The video below goes through the process, which is also outlined in this cheat sheet.

Setting up a Google App (gmail, drive….) Contact List

Now that we are becoming more familiar with our “Google Apps” for education set up @traralgoncollege.vic.edu.au :-).

It is a great idea to set up a contact list for each of your classes.

This will allow you to quickly send emails, share files and folders, share youtube clips and web pages from your mobile device…..

The video below takes you through the steps involved:


Learni.st – Getting Started

At our previous Senior Campus Staff Meeting we introduced Learni.st and Scoop.it as two efficient means to “clip” or “bookmark” web base articles and resources to share with a class – (Digital Curation The Classroom Presentation).

I have created a screen-cast of this process in the video below that will hopefully guide you through the process.  Please contact me if you need a hand.

Demo Learning Boards in Learni.st:

TV Special: TED Talks Education

How can we create an education system that works for kids, instead of against them?

Watch eight inspiring talks (and one beautiful performance) from TED’s May 2013 PBS special, given in their entirety (Go to TED):

1.Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion (07:48)