Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms

Hi all,

This might be a good video to view as we end this term. I showed it in TLC and most students were very engaged and enjoyed the following discussions.  Some staff have been discussing how it might be used to support us to change our practice and engage students in cognitively demanding activities and divergent thinking. MTH has even purchased the poster!



VALA Conference

On April Fool’s Day Lee, Julie, Catherine (aka Nikki) and myself went to the VALA applied learning conference.  We listened to key note speakers on The Views of Youth from Mission Australia and Improving Teaching Practice through Feedback. For the rest of the day we went to a variety of different presentations. 

My key reflections:

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria have some great applied learning resources – FREE – mapped to VELS, VCAL.. : Check it out:
  • Reinforced message: Genreal Feedback does not help – needs to be specific (eg NOT: “Good work”, rather “Well done – I really like how you wrote those meanings into your OWN words…”
  • Applied Learning should be task based, elements of outcomes to be demonstrated on a number of different occasions in different contexts.  I want a “Student Profile” booklet of all the outcomes with their elements to record evidence to keep with their folio.  And… my first task next term might be for students to identify their assessment/evidence they are goig to demonstrate next outcome.
  • ICT (vodcasts) currenlty used to engage students for learning in all VCAL areas. Teachers across state confronting facebook/classroom issues – both as opportunity and threat.  Good resource for making videos with students : 



 PS. Julie won a massive loli-pop in the random draw – VCAL written on it – Join her in the lunch room on Monday if you want to share….