JC staff meeting activity

Good afternoon.

This afternoon we would like you to explore and reflect on the use of Blogs for student learning.

Please complete the following quick activities:

  1. Check out the video “What is a blog?”
  2. Read the post “So… how can blogs be used to help students learn?” and watch the brief video.  Post a comment on this blog sharing your ideas about some of the opportunities blogs might present to help student learning.
  3. Go to the top toolbar to open the  “Using Edublogs blogs!” page. Check the resources, which will help you when you  want to create your own class/student blog space. 
  4. Go to the side toolbar to “Blog roll“.  Click Global2 – Edublog.  Global2, formerly Globalteacher includes features of no ads, as well as support materials to assist as you start blogging.  Check examples or search for blogs on your subject.
  5. Look at the “Learning and Teaching Blogs” page on the top toolbar. Examine blogs, or share your finds as comments. (scroll to the bottom)
  6. Extra for experts –  Subscribe to some blogs by e-mail or RSS feeds into I-google

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