Evernote – Throw your paper note pad in the bin! (finally)

Hello!  Evernote is a seriously cool app!

This application downloads easily onto your smart phone (apple and/or android…) and onto you pc and syncs the content between the two. Take photos, copy urls, jot down notes anywhere any time… access later from the comfort of your pc.  Can run on multiple devices.  Also some great opportunities to “Share Notebooks” (eg. with a class) – CHECK IT OUT! Download Evernote.





2 thoughts on “Evernote – Throw your paper note pad in the bin! (finally)

  1. Installed and been using it today.. Been good. Can even use my phone to check it

  2. Hi Mark,
    You’re great. This is an excellent App and I have already sent my previously clunky onenote ‘notes’ to evernote for easy cloud access.

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