Daymap Activity #3 – Assessment

Daymap Activity #3 – Online Assessments
Level – Intermediate.
Having a central location for assessments and student results enables us to give better feedback to students as well as making reporting a simpler process. At the beginning of next year, all students should have their own netbooks, which means these can be a useful tool for completing and submitting assessments. The daymap site allows us to set, record and communicate results and feedback to students.
Using the tutorial video, you will complete your own assessment task on daymap using an assessment you are already using in class or plan to use in the near future.
The Task:
1. Use the instructions in the tutorial video to create a new assessment for one of your classes.
2. Attach any necessary documents and provide a description of the task.
3. Encourage your students to submit their work online through daymap.
4. Once they have done this, view the tutorial again and miss students work and provide feedback.
5. In class, you can get students to read the feedback given.

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