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School 2.0
TEDxNYED – Chris Lehmann – 03/06/10

School Stinks!

Chris Lehmann introduces a revolutionary idea in education: Encourage learning by allowing students to do things they are good at instead of restricting them. While that may sound elementary, Lehmann’s speech carves out an innovative way to teach students success so they will strive for success in the post-graduate world.

Netbook DER Sub-committee

On August 17 the DER 1:1 Sub:Committee met to discuss the possible future directions, purchases and priorities for our Netbook and 1:1 program.


In summary the main issues discussed and proposals made included:

  • Propose new device ACER Aspire One AO753 – $573 – slightly bigger 11.6″ screen, faster chip, robust build…
  • Porposing purchase of 450 devices by end of September.
  • Feel the need of 4-year life span of device based on NSSCF model – considering issuing device to students in Year 9 to maintain to the end of year 12.  Issues around take home, trolleys… discussed.
  • External Hard Drive and Headphones added to Student Bool List
  • Members reinforced identified priority for:
    • Teacher access to monitoring software.
    • Urgent need for greater Staff skill and pedagogy development.
  • Some additional support items identified for purchase, including:
    • Greater space and resourced for re-imaging devices.
    • Possible switch and server upgrades.
    • Need to “re-activate” and possibly maintain data outlets in rooms depending on how network copes next year at SC with 600+ devices on a wireless network!!!!!
    • College “Data Logging Resource” Kit, Monitoring Software, Data Projectors and Adobe CS5 and Maintenance all flagged as possible resource purchases.
    • Investigating possibility of students creating personal skins for their devices for next year.
  • These issues and proposals will be presented at the next ICT Executive Meeting – please provide comments below if you have any feedback, ideas, concerns….

Interact in your classroom with “Wallwisher”

Wallwisher is a great Web2.0 application to get students to interact digitally in your classroom using their netbooks. (Wall Wisher:

It provides a blank canvas you can put up on the projector and all students can contribute to it by posting notes from their netbook.

Check out the video below on how to set up a “Wall”.

Wallwisher staff

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