Proactive ICT Leadership

Traditional school IT management and support responds and reacts to educational (or business) requirements. Modern, responsible school leaders need to understand and proactively establish systems and structures that enable the school’s core business of teaching and learning. This means both understanding technological decisions and translating educational requirements into technological solutions. This session explores a behind the scenes look at ICT staffing, systems and structures required to sustain a team approach bridging technical and educational understandings.

Christine Haynes, ICT Coordinator, Immanuel Primary School, Novar Gardens, SA

Build infrastructure
. Create a what if plan / flowchart
. Intellectual property of processes – must be available to back up.
. Process documentation vital
. Roll descriptions vital including tech vs educational

Supporting Learners
. Do we “help users learn how to fix problems themselves”

Build Professionals
. Who wears tech badge? Leaders? Principals?
. PD Strategy

Access Technology
. Once established base – ensure using latest and opportunities

Enable Teaching and Learning
. tech pd and rollout firtst.
. Then… Talk about teaching and learning

Project Plans… Online… eVERY project!
Communication Plan
System and Network documentation, licensing, available on line….
contingency Plans

Avoid ttwadi
Look rsa animate the secret powers of time
Diego social bookmarking
Web access help desk … Free…

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  1. Hey, l just wathced the Excel video on colouring the data on a spread sheet using a gradient. Pretty good and very easy

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