The “Late Adopters” and How to Move Them Into The 21st Century

The use of Action Research at Balmacewen Intermediate School in Dunedin has been a long slow journey but also one of the most effective forms of professional development the school has encountered. Simon will take school leaders who are looking for ways to motivate the “Late Adopters” that many schools have, into teachers who are risk takers and are now leading the technology revolution in our schools.

Simon Clarke, Deputy Principal, Balmacewen Intermediate School, Dunedin, NZ

My notes and thoughts:
1. Strong VISION!!!!!!!!!
Used work from Andrew Fuller.
In 2005 they created an experimental concept class.
Mark Treadwell
Form a powerful coalition and tried to create a personal digital portfolios – but found it problematic.
Used an active research model.
Need to acquire critical mass – this group also created many core templates and resources. These staff then talked to others.
worked in clusters to do action research projects and share resources.
In first year most people did not complete action research project.
But………. Some did.
Time was given for staff to develop concept and resources………
Everything approached as research Action Project.
Gave each teacher who completed $100.
Staff then worked in small groups (eg. Year levels) and an expectation was formed to share and develop quality resources.


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