Five characteristics of an effective 21st-century educator

Article from eSchool News Blog – a must on blog with this title (21C Educators).

Very relevant in light of recent data reflection and inquiry based pedagogy discussion being had by the College Leadership Team at the moment.

Readers say key skills include foresight, flexibility, and the ability to discern effective uses of technology
By Meris Stansbury, Online Editor.

Today’s education stakeholders are constantly evaluating the skills students need to compete in the global economy. But what are the characteristics or skills inherent in an effective 21st century educator?…..Read Article

  • 1. Anticipates the future.
  • 2. Is a lifelong learner.
  • 3. Fosters relationships.
  • 4. Can teach and assess all levels of learners.
  • 5. Is able to discern effective vs. non-effective technology.

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