2012 Horizon Report – Higher Education Edition

The now somewhat infamous Horizon Report is out now.

This report identifies and outlines the status of emerging technologies that will impact education.

It provides a great snap shot of “where we are at, and where we are heading” in the next 1-5 years.


You can download the publication from: http://go.nmc.org/2012-hi-ed

If you do get a chance to explore – please leave your thoughts and comments below.

2012! Your 21C Educator Journey!


Well the dust has settled and 2012 is truly kicking on now…

New Look Blog Space

We have modified the look and design of the site as the content continues to grow.  We hope this will allow you to find interesting material and relevant resources quickly.  Please provide feedback in the comments below on your thoughts and ideas for this site.

2012 Agendas…

Already this year we have had a look at Positive Behaviour Support – check out these additional resources and a “ScoopIt“.

Many of us are also exploring with a more explicit focus student led Inquiry Based Learning processes and we hope to provide you with more resources in this area.

Tech Tute Corner

Our “TechTute Corner” continues to grow with more on-line tutorials.  This is one area that the eLearning PLT group at the senior campus will update as they explore and trial a range of applications and new learning experiences in their classroom.

21C Education

The primary focus for this blog site continues to look at how our teaching practices and skills evolve to meet the needs of 21C students and education.  This week I have come across some godd articles/resources in this area. Check them out:

Blog Poll

We have introduced a blog poll space to the site – please participate in our current poll.


Hope all is travelling well!

Please let us know your ideas and need for the ongoing development of this site by commenting below or eMail: seijbel.mark.m@edumail.vic.gov.au

Traralgon High… meet Manga High!

Recently the college bought a subscription to Managa High, an online Maths tutorial and game management site…

Over the next few months we will roll out some getting started activities for Maths Teachers. If you want to get started let me know and I will set you up… NOW! (ASAP..)

eMail: seijbel.mark.m@edumail.vic.gov.au  .

STAY TUNED – Watch this space!