gWhiz!!!! – gFlash+

“Studying on the go has never been this easy!”

This flashcard app  offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun. This latest release is jam-packed with new features including in-app access to premium content from leading educational publishers AND an innovative implementation of “box”-style flashcards.

I have experimented with other FlashCard apps – but none have been this easy to update and maintain.  Copied the study design glossary and had it on my phone as flashcards in minutes!!!!

Will experiment more – including sharing with my class.  Please provide comments below if trying this with your class, and as always…. yell out if you need a hand!

gWhiz website and flashcard instructions:



Introducing ChronoZoom – Awesome Interactive Timeline!

This project is still in beta/early stages but already has huge potential.

An interactive timeline that gives a great representation of time and quality educational videos explaining key developments and events in history (of the universe, earth, humans, science, empires…).  Expect this space to grow over the coming year – and “watch this space”!

Check it out!




Video Resources for Classes Evolving – 2 Great Developments!

Recently YouTube (Google) has been tweaking their services to help educators filter and direct appropriate content to support their class through YouTube EDU.


Today TED TV the popular non-profit organisation that organises conferences and provides on-line vodcasts of prominant thinkers of our time as “Ideas Worth Sharing” launched their own YouTube Chanel.


Read More on TEDEducation


New Alerts Function in DayMap!!!!!

The alerts function in DayMap allows you to set up notifications on your “DayPlan” home page.
Alerts can now be set for new incident reports entered, attendance, unmarked rolls…

The screen cast below takes you through the basic steps.

Please see me if you would like some assistance setting this up and/or need any additional groups set up to monitor.