New Alerts Function in DayMap!!!!!

The alerts function in DayMap allows you to set up notifications on your “DayPlan” home page.
Alerts can now be set for new incident reports entered, attendance, unmarked rolls…

The screen cast below takes you through the basic steps.

Please see me if you would like some assistance setting this up and/or need any additional groups set up to monitor.

3 thoughts on “New Alerts Function in DayMap!!!!!

  1. Thought I’d better leave a comment as I read the desperation in your comment above.

    have just been using your tech tute corner to take my better half through some one note basics on her new laptop to get her masseg business client notes set up.

    Very useful.

  2. It is really useful and I’ve set it to alert me about incident reports. Is it possible to select more than one item eg 1. teacher initial and 2. follow up required — yes or no. I seemed to be only able to select one.

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