Video Resources for Classes Evolving – 2 Great Developments!

Recently YouTube (Google) has been tweaking their services to help educators filter and direct appropriate content to support their class through YouTube EDU.


Today TED TV the popular non-profit organisation that organises conferences and provides on-line vodcasts of prominant thinkers of our time as “Ideas Worth Sharing” launched their own YouTube Chanel.


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3 thoughts on “Video Resources for Classes Evolving – 2 Great Developments!

  1. There are lots of useful things on the internet, but having the time to find them and then use them is not always possible. I have heard and seen some TED TV but not really looked into it, hopefully using TED TV we can find some useful to the current lessons. All this is very time consuming though.

  2. Yeah – TED TV in particular does take some time to find “gems” but when you do, they are usually gold. I think we get better at finding them as we use them more. I have found setting up book mark pages for hyperlinks useful. So, when I see a good article or movie, I copy the hyperlink and paste it in a notebook for to use when I teach the topic later (I use Evernote and Diigo for this). I find YouTube Clips quite easy to search, and they are typically nice and short, can filter education and easy to share. Am looking at setting up a school library (channel) of YouTube Clips at the moment – these will not be blocked to students… just starting this.

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