How are you using videos in your classroom? Flip It?!

As identified in the previous blog post “Video Resources for Classes Evolving – 2 Great Developments!” the availability of, and ease of finding and sharing great educational videos on line continues to improve.

Currently we are very close to starting a new way of filtering YouTube clips – which will make it easier to share videos you have identified with classes, whilst removing ads, suggestions and blocking all other content.  This will happen through our college YouTube Chanel: TraralSC General.

TED-Ed continues to add great quality videos (Check out the list).  This week they have added “Ted-Ed Beta” which allows you to grab a video and easily package it with intro, instructions, quiz (sample provided), open ended questions, additional resources and summary statement! Awesome!

Check it out:

Video Resource Sites:

Personal Learning Network

I have enrolled for the PLN course, run by the State Library.
Our work is supported by Facebook and Twitter. I am annoyed that Facebook is blocked at work.
Found an interesting technology integration matrix, via Facebook