Personal Learning Network

I have enrolled for the PLN course, run by the State Library.
Our work is supported by Facebook and Twitter. I am annoyed that Facebook is blocked at work.
Found an interesting technology integration matrix, via Facebook

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  1. I don’t think un blocking face book would be a really good idea, although most kids do access it on their phones and don’t need to use the internet!

  2. I meant for teachers, like we have access to YouTube, but students do not. I am told Facebook is blocked by DEECD, and question this, as it blocks professional resources.

  3. Speaking of Facebook… are you following the “College” on Facebook 🙂 –… What about Twitter…?!/traralsc … I have been working on website – – would love more content. Will run stream for a while and then promote once there is enough content to show purpose. We are about to change YouTube Blocking to allow for pre-approved playlists to go through. The Google Calendar I set up on the college website (which you can add to your own calendars, including phone…) can not be accessed by admin staff to maintain – as it is blocked…

  4. Is there any reason we could not establish tc jc on Facebook? Has the SC version been publicised to parents? Wondered if permitted by DEECD, obviously ok.

  5. There is a Junior College page already – seems nobody owns it? I am still setting this up to feed off College Website (probably through tarpipe… or just replicate once and link accounts). Have also created G+ – page. For most I think it is worth having one for the college. The senior FB page existed – I claimed it and have added a few things. Once there is a fair amount of content on there, including accurate up to date JC info – I hope to publicize.
    Have checked DEECD guidelines ( – it is not really definitive, but I believe we are well within this. All we intend to use these pages for at the moment is a stream of news and calendar events/reminders and notification of new articles on college web (maybe college connection link…) What do you think folks?

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