Digital Pedagogy – Let’s Go!!! Join us!!!


The SC eLearning PLF/P&D Group started work last week to look at a framework that will help us progress our Digital Pedagogy Capacity as teachers.  Our group consists of Sally Kirstine, Lindy Gumpold, Peter Larsen, Chris Kourtis, Gerry Jarvis, Peter Folley, Michael Thompson and myself.

In particular we are going to focus on using the Ideas Lab White Paper / Big Idea… on Understanding Virtual Pedagogies to guide our practice.

Our aim is to pick up momentum around the uptake of these skills across teachers in our subject areas in order to improve learning outcomes in our respective academic areas, foster 21C Skills and develop successful learners for the world community.

We went through the prezi below to set the scene and reflect on key issues and consideration (a starting point for discussion) – note this Prezi is a living “doc”… and will continue to grow.


This week we looked at the four areas – Connecting in particular.  This area is mainly focused on how students’ access knowledge and information, retrieve this and clarify their understanding.  Some interesting issues to “Rethink” and consider:

  • 1 000 000+ “teachers” out there to access and bring into your class + experts in fields…
  • Bookmarking, tagging, retrieving, searching… vital skills…
  • Quality control, filtering… Vs Searching and validating….
  • Retrieving is the same as knowing…
  • Trying to create content and compete with internet will fail…
  • Use of mobile devices to access and retrieve…
  • Pedagogies to focus on: flipped classroom, learning objects and smart software.




Connecting Summary

We hope to share our experiences and reflections here along the way – you are here for the “FIRST POST!”.

It would be great if you could join us on our journey and provide us with suggestion, thoughts, feedback…. we would appreciate it!  Please add comments below.

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