2 thoughts on “Teaching Comprehension – the Phantom Skill

  1. Read it, but I did not understand….(boom boom!) Too true – step one I think, is don’t give them the answer and don’t except a “regurgitated” sentences. Explain that persistence is a vital ingredient and chip away until it makes sense. Ask them to explain in their own words and then ask questions for them to clarify and fill in missing parts from what is present int text. Once they have a go and start to explain what they think, and receive a little bit of encouraging feedback and reassurance, it often quickly falls into place. Just my thoughts… and I am a PE teacher with ESL background :-P!

  2. I agree Mark. Your ideas are very similar to my experiences in English and LOTE classrooms. LOTE is a perfect example; when reading text in another language students need to follow clues, ask questions, try and try again and feel reassured and confident to be able to make sense of new vocab that they don’t understand. I remember coming up with some “Reading Hints and Tips for LOTE” with a class last year where students came up with a list of tips for reading new words or new information that doesn’t immediately make sense. It was a really worthwhile activity.

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