Don’t want to feed the hype – especially since we should not make too much fun of the situation in respect for our Kiwi neighbours and others who have been traumatised by “serious quakes” -(UN Infographic that came out this week)…. BUT…

It was a great demonstration of the power of “Connecting“.  At the moment, as explained in my previous post “Digital Pedagogy – Let’s Go!!! Join us!!!” our P&D group are looking at the Connecting strategy.  One way to “plug in” is Twitter! Man did it go off!!!! Within 2 minutes (after talking to the neighbours and confirming  that it was not just my house) I learnt it was felt far and wide – 400k?  Within 10 minutes people had roamed the web and found on the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre that it was of magnitude 5.2 11km from Moe-Yallourn…  Jokes were plentiful and even I saw news from familiar people…  about 20-30 minutes later news was starting to filter to main media sites – newspaper then television!

The steady stream of information was informative, relevant, up to date… and exactly what I imagine I would need, especially if this was a real disaster / greater magnitude…  …are our kids/parents connected?

Was there a similar stream of news and info elsewhere? facebook? g+?  Please share your thoughts…

Global view

PS – I am about to start a Global Health Unit with my VCE class – on the day Rio +20 starts!!! How perfect – will do my best to “connect” students:‬

#Riodialogues,, @unisdr, @VicHealth…


2 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE!!!!

  1. I was writing reports on my laptop on the couch when it happened. I logged straight into Facebook to see what everyone else had experienced and sure enough, literally in one to two minutes, there were heaps of comments and discussions (and jokes) about the earthquake and how far away it was felt. Yes, it was a very good example of connecting with up to the minute updates about reactions and information about a significant event.

  2. Jodie jumped onto facebook staight away and same experience. Also saw a comment from her uncle saying “Isn’t it interesting how times have changed – getting my info about the earthquake form facebook instead of TV”!

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