Great Video – exploring…”Successful Learners for a (Sustainable) World Community”?!

Education for a Sustainable Future

As is often the case… a lot of ideas are not new…. A great critical analyses of what is considered socially relevant in a new education system which brings out the most potential in all of humanity. Love the “societal goals for education” – this is vital for the health of society, but not only is it not explicit – I doubt we often discuss this – certainly I have not seen it in many school “core values”. Many teachers globally create that many boundaries or lower order thinking activities with black and white answers, that not only is critical thinking not a focus for development, it is possibly discouraged. Many of us feel the frustrations outlined. Maybe it is time we take collective action to lobby our politicians (possibly through our Union) for some real change!!!….

A great video for some holiday viewing. Admittedly a fair amount of stereotyping… but good overview and critical ideas. Please leave comments below.

Have a great holiday!!!

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