Are You Disrupting the System?

Will Richardson co-author of “Personal Learning Networks” – identifies 19 key issues for educators to challenge / consider in a 5 minute speech at a recent ISTE Ignite Session.

Many of these issues are raised frequently in curriculum and Professional Learning Team meetings, they form the basis of most our challenges in the classroom and to some extent contribute to why many teachers are feeling a little uncomfortable, even out of their depth and it “isn’t what we signed up for“.

“I heard it as  a call to all educators to stop putting up road blocks and open up the classrooms and allow learning to become powerful and impact the world” – Alison Anderson:

“It’s not about open book exams – it’s about OPEN NETWORK!”

 A lot of the issues raised are discussed, even argued about here at TC.  For example what is the role of a “set curriculum” – who decides what is learnt?  Students often know what they want to learn about and what is relevant to them…. but they don’t know what they don’t know and do not have the wisdom or experience in society as teachers do….   Where does standardised testing fit in?

How much of the current challenge we face around student performance (or as the system would call it “Failure Rate” / “Non-completion”) is related to the fact that our schooling needs to change fundamentally and drastically as it does not suit our clients?  How long can we hang on to the spattering of “compliance” to drive success?  Many of these decisions are to an extent out of our hands (we may need to consider advocating for change through our unions, board of teacher registrations, politicians…), but what can be addressed in our own classrooms?

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