One thought on “Night the net went wild: or how we no longer live in the moment |

  1. The night the net went wild is a prime example not of why we should adjust everything to the shortest attention span but rather why we should engage with the technology available. The tech age is here and we are living in it, as educators we can either fight against it, present a helpless front and do our best to ignore it and hope it goes away, or engage with our students with and through the new information media. Part of our responsibility as educators is to undersatnd the context our students live in and learn by and to help them learn how to be masters of the process not dominated by it. Yes it is easy to become tech slaves – hence the mindfulness push refered to in the article – but it is also possible to help our students learn to become discerning consumers of the information age. This is a lot more complex, but as an educative endeavour no different than, teachers of the past (and present) helping students learn to become discerning consumers of hard copy texts and other sources of information.
    Lets not dumb down our aspirtions in response to alarmist media but rather lets seize the opportunity to engage our students inate spirit of inquiry, through the technlogy to help them become really capable 21st century learners.

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