Take YOUR OneNote to the Next Level!!

Many staff (and steadily increasing), particulalry at the Senior Campus have started using OneNote to share, collect and monitor course material, notes and student work.  This can initially be a challenge to set up, but once it is running is sooo simple.  In fact, many teachers are increasingly using this as a preferred method of sharing digital content (hyperlinks, attachments…) instead of DayMap or Blogs (which has both benefits and some considerations to take into account).

The video below is a great demonstration of more creative ways you can provide feedback to students through OneNote:

Swinburne University are offering a PD in this areas on the 24th of October – Please complete an application on PD Tracker and let me (Mark Seijbel – seijbel.mark.m@edumail.vic.gov.au) if you are keen to attend.

PLEASE ask me for a hand to set this up for your class, to show you some ways you can use it in your class, to come into your class and help you and students get started… or anything else!!!!

OneNote resources, cheat sheets, guides… can be found (as always) in our Tech Tute Corner: Digital Notebooks – OneNote. More DayMap Cheat sheets coming.  PLEASE provide feedback and identify needs for assistance!

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