2013 VCAL Presentation

At the Senior Campus staff meeting this afternoon Aden Wyers and myself presented the process and model for the 2013 VCAL program. The main purpose of this presentation was to make all staff aware of the new program and to find out if any staff members would like to be involved in the program for next year.

I encourage any Junior Campus staff to check out the full presentation below as well as any Senior Campus staff who either missed the meeting or would like to have a closer look. If any of you are interested in being involved in the program in any way please let myself or Aden know before the end of the week with an idea of what capacity you would like to be involved in.

Chris Lehner (2013 VCAL coordinator)

2 thoughts on “2013 VCAL Presentation

  1. Hey ChrisI have a query about what the canteen group will be doing for the two whole days that they are in class. It says work on own/group project. A whole day working on a project for two days in a row seems like a lot of open ended time for the kids initially. I fear that there will be a lot of down time (wasted time) in this. Are there structured tasks that they will need to complete or work through?

  2. Thanks for the question Sal and it is something I have thought about a bit. It does seem like a lot of open ended time initially and it is important that when planning the actual nuts and bolts of the program that we think carefully about how to structure the use of this time. Initially it will need to be more structured and teacher led and not just let the kids drift off and not have an idea on what they are doing. I keep thinking back to the part you spoke about that you want to leave them wanting more. So in short, I agree that there definitely needs to be some structure in place for those two days, especially early on in the program but what that exactly looks like at this stage i’m not quite sure.

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