8 thoughts on “A Purpose for Learning @ TC

  1. To Develop Successful Learners

    (Notions of creativity, excellence, success, individual / engaged learners… valuable contribution to society /community discussed and considered vital to tease out in values – but felt the purpose statement had to be simple.)

  2. Group 2: At TC our purpose is to develop students who are confident with their skills and inspired to continue learning beyond the school environment. Our students are provided with challenges and opportunities to reach their full potential.

  3. PCR Group 11
    The whole group (8 out of 8) suggest we stay with the current statement with one change
    “Developing successful learners for the GLOBAL community”

  4. We didn’t get to a statement but had a list of key words
    Mission Statement Values
    – Responsible
    – Respect
    – Resilient
    – Citizens
    – Striving for excellence

    – Learning for excellence
    – Citizenship
    – Redefining learning
    – Inclusive

    – Successful
    – Confidence
    – Creative
    – Actively involved citizens
    – Achieving excellence
    – Equity
    – Skills and knowledge
    – Fulfilled life
    – Experiences (varied)
    – Enjoyment of learning
    – Engagement
    – Reaching potential
    – Involved in the community

    – Holistic
    – All students (social, emotional)
    – 21st century skills and technology
    – Curious learners
    – Critical
    – Real world
    – Individual
    – Solve problems

    We then refined to this list:
    Personal best
    Every Individual student
    Become responsible citizens
    Active/involved/engagement learners

  5. Group 3: Actively enable confident adaptable learners who contribute positively to society.

  6. Ideas:
    Social, personal and cognitive resources
    Personal identity – meet challenges.
    Understanding local and global society
    Active and creative minds
    Belief and pride in self.
    Compassion for others
    Interest in learning- ongoing
    Knowledge and skills connected to community
    Achieving potential
    Motivated to learn
    Idea of where they could be heading
    Able to connect school to future learning

    Main themes:
    – Love, value, motivation, interest in learning
    – Clear sense of personal identity.
    – Skills to meet challenges
    – Connection to community.

    Students have a love of learning and the skills needed to meet future challenges. They have an understanding of themselves and are connected to their community.

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