Articulating TC Values – Staff Meeting Activity 2013


On Monday afternoon (18/2) we will briefly revisit our journey to date as we establish our college purpose and vision and complete the process of deciding on our common core values that encapsulate this vision.  The main objective of the session is to collaboratively decide on 3-5 key/core values that when followed/promoted by the college community members, will allow us to achieve our purpose and vision.

We recently spent some time in a college meeting exploring these values in small groups – the results of which are shown in the Wordle below – the bigger the word the more often it was presented in the different responses from each group (though some issues with spelling and case – does meant it may not be entirely and accurate mathematical representation, it certainly does make for a good starting point for reflection on what was presented).   All group responses were presented in a previous blog (Read post)

This afternoon after we review “the path so far” – we will take a moment to view Ken Robinson’s -Changing Education Paradigm Video.  Though most of you have possibly seen this before (Posted previously by Tim Delaney), it is a worthwhile reflection on  how these notions are capture in our purpose and vision AND how these are then reflected in our College wide values.

See more Ken Robinson:

Some other (of my) favorite 21C / Education philosophers:

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