Concluding Lessons

The end of the each lesson is an important aspect that we possibly sometimes dont pay as much attention to as we possibly could (at least thats how I feel).  I know that the lesson sometimes ends with the bell and the students go and I have not had a chance to sum the lesson up, go over any learning completed during the lesson and not be able to accuratley use this information to inform my planning for next lesson.  I am sure there are some of you out there that do this very well and some that may be in a similar position to me.  Regardless of which of these you fit into i have attached some links that may be useful.  Please have a look and post any feedback you may have.

I am avalaible for classroom visits during headstart to work with you at concluding lessons.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you are in the slightest bit interested in working with me in this area during headstart and we can go from there.


Coach Chris


Introduction of the Coaches Corner

Welcome to the new and exciting Coaches Corner, I will be posting updates on on what I am up to in the coaching relm and any opportunities you might like to take up for some coaching.

So far this year I have been working with the PE team in their year 12 classes around trying to improve our predicted data results. As you are probably aware for coaching to be successful their must be a level of trust and confidentialilty between coach and coachee so I cannot discuss any specifics with you all but I can say that one of the aspects that I have been looking at is student engagement in class. The level of student engagement is something that I find really interesting to look and I feel that it gives us as educators a snapshot of whether the tasks and teaching strategies we are using are having an impact on students.

This is an area that I would love to get into as many classes as possible to get a snap shot of the engagement level in your class. Please catch up with me or send me an email if you are interested in me collecting some data on engagement in any of your classes.

Whenever we do anything around engagement the important aspect is having a shared understanding of what engagement looks like in classes at Traralgon College. So, what does/should engagement look like???