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Daymap Activity #1 – Curriculum Documentation

Level – Basic.


Curriculum documentation is a starting point for further work to develop and improve our curriculum, whether within our own subjects or across the college. Documenting what we are doing allows us to be better prepared, think further ahead, teach more creatively and collaborate more effectively with our colleagues. As we all have students best interests at heart and constantly strive to improve what we are able to do for students in our classes, documenting classes allows us continually try new things and make improvements to  the existing model that we have, rather than just starting again every year. Also, as a new teacher to the school, the campus or to a new subject, it should be clear what I am expected to teach and where I can find the resources that I need.


In completing this learning activity you will use the college template to document a section of your current course and document this in the appropriate part of daymap, along with any supporting documents. Secondly, you will provide learning aids for students to access relevant to the unit.

The Task:

  1. Use the tutorial video to download a copy of the curriculum documentation template for one of the classes you teach. You can pause, move through or repeat any parts of the video as you are going.
  2. Fill out this document with the current details of your class. You might do this by cutting and pasting information from a document that you have in a different format. If not, you can simply record what you have done in your class over the past week’s.
  3. Once complete, upload this document  the staff/curriculum section of daymap.
  4. If there are any lesson plans, resources, task descriptions or assessments that are used in this unit, upload them to the relevant section.
    1. If there are any documents that students can use for the learning activities, upload them to the student section of daymap.
If in doubt about any of these processes, refer to the tutorial videos, or ask one of the session leaders.

Daymap Activity #2 – Resource Booking

Level – Intermediate

This tutorial video goes through the basics of how to book any equipment you may need for you class using daymap.  While you are watching the video, keep another window open and give it a go yourself!

Daymap Activity #3 – Online Assessments

Level – Intermediate.
Having a central location for assessments and student results enables us to give better feedback to students as well as making reporting a simpler process. At the beginning of next year, all students should have their own netbooks, which means these can be a useful tool for completing and submitting assessments. The daymap site allows us to set, record and communicate results and feedback to students.

Using the tutorial video, you will complete your own assessment task on daymap using an assessment you are already using in class or plan to use in the near future.

The Task:
1. Use the instructions in the tutorial video to create a new assessment for one of your classes.
2. Attach any necessary documents and provide a description of the task.
3. Encourage your students to submit their work online through daymap.
4. Once they have done this, view the tutorial again and miss students work and provide feedback.
5. In class, you can get students to read the feedback given.

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  1. The daymap report builder is not working with Office 2013. Is this a common issue? Is there a different program that should be used? Do you have a specific tutorial to assist with this?

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