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Okay… so I had been using Ediscio flash cards – but found them a little challenging to maintain and update – and some of the apps cost money.  It was also hard to find class sets.

So I switched to gWhiz!!!! – gFlash+, and as they say in their slogan: “Studying on the go has never been this easy!” 😛


This flashcard app  offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading, and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun. This latest release is jam-packed with new features including in-app access to premium content from leading educational publishers AND an innovative implementation of “box”-style flashcards.

As mentioned, I  have experimented with other FlashCard apps – but none have been this easy to update and maintain.  Copied the study design glossary and had it on my phone as flashcards in minutes!!!!

  • gWhiz website and flashcard instructions: http://www.gwhizmobile.com/gWhiz/creating.php
  • Template to create your own sets/cards: gWhiz excell template
  • To find the Health and Human Development card set, search “Health and Human Dev. Terms” once you have installed the app.
  • To share card sets – share you document with “gwhizmobile.com” – and let people/us the name, so we can find them.
Please send me an email or post questions if you want help setting this up.  Feedback and shared card sets would also be greatly appreciated.




One thought on “Flash Cards

  1. Please look into Anki Flashcard system.
    It is one of the very best, feature rich, flashcard software available. The desktop software is free and the most useful. It is very popular with Medical school students.

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