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Probably THE most useful Web 2.0 app that I have used throughout the year is Google Forms.  This post is designed to help you set up your own class forms or quizes.  You can also choose to the “extra for experts” at the end to see how you can set up a quick way to automatically grade closed answer quizes and e-mail student scores, and/or how to embed thes forms in DayMap..

This application has many benefits in the classroom:

  • Probably the quickest way to collect some formal feedback, written material, student reflections… avaialble at the moment.
  • Instead of students each uploading their own file and you have to sift/collate many files or e-mails… all info is collected in a single spreadsheet.
  • You can embed these forms in DayMap!


Press the play button below to watch a short video on Google Docs Forms.

  • How Google Docs Forms can help you easily gather information from a large number of people without having to send and receive multiple emails.
  • How to create a form and keep track of the answers.
  • What to do with the information as it gets added to the results spreadsheet

Google Forms in the classroom: This video is a little more complex, and shows you how to set up a form that guides students through the correct options.

Google Forms:

  • Can also be used too create on line quizes that can then “mark themselves” and automatically e-mail students their responses.
  • Requires a Google/G-mail Account – stongly recomend this as more and more quality applications are provided by Google (It’s a Google World?”).

Step 1: If you don’t yet have a Google Account – Create one.

Creating Class Quizes

Step 2: Have a go at creating your own quiz/questionnaire.  Follow the steps as outlined in the video below, or using the links to the cheat sheets below.

  • Go to your Google Account – Documents – New Form to get started.
  • Create some questions (consider including name, e-mail, class… as required).
  • Try sending your form to some colleagues to test it out and see their results in your spreadsheet.
  • Try Changing the theme.
  • Examine the results…

Cheat Sheets

Creating a Google Form

Editing Forms

Viewing Responses

Step 3 (extra): Get your Google forms to mark themselves and e-mail student results with Flubaroo.

Step 4 (extra): Embed your Google form on your DayMap class page.

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