Ultranet eBookboxes

Hello Recently Paul passed on some information about a teaching resources set up as an “eBookbox”, particularly for Maths and Science.

This post aims to provide some additional resources and guidance on how to use these resources.


Initial Flyer:

Ultranet Interactive Guide:

Video (draft 1)

At this stage I have made this post really quickly as Diedre at the JC has requested this info for the Science team fairly urgently.  Great work to see these guys having a look at this option, as exciting times ahead for 1:1 @ JC in 2012!!!

I will update and refine this post in the coming days as I learn more and iron out some bugs.

Remember the Ultranet is not the most user friendly and reliable of applications, but its potential and capacity for not only providing content, but also of tracking student learning and progress, in a secure environment… is ENORMOUS!  So please persist!!! Ask for assistance and support from Pam or Myself as needed.  We will also work with our Ultranet Coach where needed to try to solve any issues.  Good luck, learn, enjoy and share your experiences (please post comments below as you go if you can – ideas, suggestions, tips….)



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