Vodcasting – Flip It!

Podcasting and Vodcasting have gained popularity over the past few years as technology developments have made this processes easier and less time consuming, and as student capacity to access this content has greatly improved (Home internet access, Smart Phones, Ipod Touches, Netbooks…..)

This page is aimed at providing basic steps to enable you to capture a presentation or lesson, convert the video into a user friendly version and the make the videos available to students through daymap (or a blog).

Step 1 : Capture the video footage.

Step 2:  Edit the video (optional).

This is most easily done through one of two applications available on the DEECD EduStar Image:
– Window Live Movie Maker ( Glossy Guide or  Step by Step Guide)
– Adobe Premiere Elements 9 – (Help Guide Videos on Adobe TV)

More videos coming soon!

Step 3: Convert the video to a user friendly version.

Step 4: Making the videos available to students (Post on Daymap).

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